Friday, November 16, 2007

Halloween 2007

By time Halloween came this year, the kiddos had already been wearing their costumes for a few weeks. But they were still excited about TorT. Noah would exclaim "Next House!" after they received their loot and they were both ready to head home after a few blocks. We made them plug along (free candy, man!) until we had a least one Heath bar and a bag of Whoppers. He-he, just kidding. Sort of =)

Noah's carved pumpkin - Thomas the Tank engine (a bit blurry)

Kari's carved pumpkin - Very cool bat and the moon

The Queen (of England) and Dash(el Robert Parr)

Kari's Halloween Party 2007

Kari's class party was on Halloween. They participated in a costume parade and then consumed a lot of snacks. Rick read to the class and then the students had centers time. It was neat to be able to be in class.

Cute little pumpkin girl

Waiting for the costume parade

Akeem is a little camera shy

Kari and Shelby (Akeem cheesing it at the last minute)

The costume parade

Eating the Halloween goodies

Akeem and Sante`

Rick got to read to the class. He read Ten Apples up on Top.

All of the children were entranced with Rick's mad reading skillz

I love Kari's little face in this one!

Kari loves being on the computer during centers

Kari loves to click and drag on the computer

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Celebrating Halloween at Playgroup

For Halloween playgroup met at Ryan's house. We hunted for pumpkins and candy, painted pumpkins and had pizza and pumpkin cookies for lunch. What a way to start the holiday!

Posing in costume

Going on a Pumpkin Hunt looking for candy and such

Painting pumpkins

Kari's Field Trip to the Farm 2007

Kari's class had a field trip to the farm scheduled for October 25 and were going rain or shine! Well, it rained and Daddy went with Kari and her class. They had a great time despite the rain and mud. And they brought home a pumpkin for Noah!

Dressed and excited about the pumpkin patch/farm trip

On the bus and ready to go

Sante`, Corinthia and Kari - Smiling in the Rain

I think he wants a kiss!

Petting the goat

Feeding the goat


Pretty pony

A rooster

Mrs. Appel and Kari on the hayride

Kari and her pumpkin

Kari and Corinthia in the pumpkin patch

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trick or Treating @ Whole Foods 2007

The Whole Foods store was hosted a night of Trick or Treating. We got to go to different sections of the store, try organic treats and see carved pumpkins. The different sections were having a contest and we voted for the seafood department. We also got to hear a story by Chef Francine and have dinner with the Schindlers.

The Whole Food in Naptown

Waiting to trick or treat

One of our favorite carved pumpkins

A Viking, the Queen and an Incredible

Pirate Ryan

The cutest lion ever - a.k.a. Mason

At the seafood station

Dawn and Cowgirl Riley

Sleeping pumpkin (a.k.a. Baby Faith)

Wide awake pumpkin

Chef Francine tells a story

Thomas a.k.a Nathan

Cowgirl Riley (Noah's girlfriend)

Kari, Noah, Hannah and Nathan


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...