Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Last Tuesday was Kari's first day of 2nd grade. She said her stomach felt a little bit excited, but she did really well. She wasn't as happy about our traditional photo op this year, though.

Walking to school

Kari in her classroom. She said I could only take a picture of her if another mom was also taking pictures. Thankfully, there was one other mom snapping photos!

Noah started kindergarten today. He has been apprehensive about school for a while now. Today he broke down when it was time to get dressed. He even said, "I do not want to be separated from you!" and tucked blankie into his backpack, just in case. He told us, "No pictures!!" at the house, so we did not get the traditional by the gate shot. He did a little better once we were there and was even kind of smiling when we left.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lately You**.....

.....have started keeping a diary. You write in it daily, sometimes several times a day. You are very adamant about others staying out of it. It even has a lock on it. Although, sometimes you lose the keys and are sure someone has taken them so they can read your private thoughts only to realize you hid them somewhere new.

.....are becoming a young lady whether I like it or not. You want to be able to walk to school and home by yourself, assuring me that you know how to get home and can make sure Noah gets home safely, too. You are requesting more alone time and spend it writing in your diary or writing letters to your BFF, Amberly.

.....enjoy doing a lot of different things. You will dance and then want to swim, to come in to draw and then want to take a walk or ride your bike or scooter. You do not mind chilling on the computer on Webkinz or or watching something on TV, but you would rather be doing something outside or something that gets you moving. I really hope you can start dance this year.

.....are not afraid to say exactly what you are thinking or feeling. Even if it is hurtful or disrespectful, you will say it and then have to rethink what you've said, say your sorry or say something else. You are also quick to say "I love you", even to Noah and when you compliment someone, you are very sincere. You are working on thinking before you speak, which is something I still need to work on, too.

.....starting to realize that boys aren't icky. You are currently crushing on The Jonas Brothers, Kris Allen, the Youth Director at our church, the Children's Minister at our church and a friend of Devin's at our church. (If you are a single lady in MD, reading this blog come check out our church. We have some good looking single guys =) But, your first crush is still your daddy and you are very much in love with him. You are constantly making sure he is okay when he is home and do not like it if I tease him. You are still very much his little girl.

.....are loyal to your siblings. You will fight with them, but be the first to defend them or hug them. You are so going to miss Devin, but were so brave when she left. You are so excited that Noah will be at school with you this year and you like it when Cody has late practice so he can pick you up from school. When Josh comes by to visit you love to swim with him or just hang out with him and Ashley. to help in the kitchen. If someone is cooking, you come in, wash your hands and ask how you can help. You especially love cracking eggs. It doesn't matter what I am cooking you want to be involved. You have entered several of the cooking competitions at church and even won once! You have even decided what you are making for the next one. You also like making breakfast for you and Noah and have graduated from cereal to PB&J toast.

.....are searching spiritual things in a deeper way. When you pray, it is like listening in on a conversation with you and a Close Friend. You are figuring out what your relationship is with Jesus and what it should be. After watching Amberly get baptized on Sunday you have been asking questions and working through your thoughts and feelings about taking that next step of obedience. I am so thankful that you are not just choosing to do something because your BFF did it.

.....make me so proud to be your Momma. You are a beautiful girl with a big heart. You love to be at church, not just to be with your friends, but to worship and be part of something bigger. You still love to have schedules and know what is going on, but do not mind asking to extend a bedtime or change something so you can get your way. You want things to be fair for everyone, but especially for yourself. You have a natural desire to learn and love finding new ways to do things.

You, Kari Bear, are my favorite 2nd grader. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year holds for you.

Not Me Monday Kiddos' Edition on Tuesday

My 5 year old son was not naked while he sat on the couch talking to his Papa on the phone.

My 7 year old daughter did not tell me that I could only photograph her in her classroom if another mom was taking pictures. (Thank God another mom was taking photos!)

My 14 year old son did not ask me to take him to orientation only to ditch me when he saw one of his friends. He also did not ask his dad to drive him to school on the first day only to make him stop half way there to let him out to walk with a friend.

My 7 year old daughter did not get upset with my husband, stomp off to her room and begin writing frantically in her journal about him.

My 5 year old did not ride piggy back on our youth director's back the other day in the pool only to climb out in front of him and pass gas - loud and proud!

My 7 year old daughter did not dis my husband in the hallway when she was walking with her class.

Isn't this fun?? What didn't your kiddos do? Monday is the day you are suppose to post you Not Me Monday post, but I am a day late. Head over to MckMama's blog and be ready to post yours next week.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lately You*.....

.....are very passionate about everything. Whether you are voicing your opinion about dinner or telling us how much you love something, you do it passionately - your voice and body language are all part of the story. to draw. Markers are your choice of medium right now and you try to limit your creations to paper, but sometimes we find them on the trashcan, wall or an important piece of mail.

.....are very territorial about your space and your things. You keep your favorite stuffed animals, pictures and other treasures high on the top bunk. You only let your special friends on your bed and only let certain people play with your things. You are becoming more aware of the value of things and value your prized possessions

.....are anxious about starting school. You spent 20 minutes the other night sobbing about school starting in a few weeks. I hope this does not continue once school starts because I know you are going to love it once you get there. You are very happy you got Mrs. R, but wish she could teach you at home.

.....have begun to read some words and are noticing that letters have a purpose together. You constantly ask how to spell things and then "read" them back to us, so happy that you read it yourself. When you recognize a word on your own you are so proud of yourself. I am proud of you, too.

.....are leaving blankie behind more and more these days. While we were sure you would take him to college with you one day, you are now only wanting him at bedtimes and in the car when we are going somewhere. You took him into the movies the other day, but said it was only because it was going to be cold. You use him more as a cape and weapon now - you love to snap people with him - and less of a security blanket. I am glad you are needing him less, but sad that you are growing up so much. your sister very much. You enjoy playing with her and just spending time with her. You still have your squabbles, but you are quick to make up so you can play again.

.....are realizing when things are scary or not appropriate for you to watch or be exposed to something. You are not afraid to tell someone to stop a movie or book
if it is scaring you. You are sometimes afraid at night until we pray with you and remind you that those things aren't real.

.....anxious about trying new things. You will hesitate until someone assures you that something is safe or fun. You are a bit nervous about starting gymnastics, but I know you will love it once you start your lessons.

.....make me raise my voice more than your sister ever did at this age. You are stubborn and like to do things your way even if you can't or shouldn't be doing it on your own. You will spill an entire container of juice before you will ask for help. You will get stuck somewhere before you will ask for assistance. It's almost like you'd rather get a spanking than have someone help you. You are certainly feeling your independence.

.....are Momma's boy. Even though, you do not take naps anymore you will ask to cuddle with me during quiet time and will sometimes drift off to sleep. You do not mind holding my hand as we cross the parking lot or street. You regularly climb in my lap just to sit or watch TV. You still give the best hugs and kisses.

*My friend, Jenn did posts like this about her kiddos and I thought it was a great idea.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday Losing It Edition

I did not storm out of the house the other night and drive away in a huff.

I did not sit in my van for an hour in the parking lot of the ER to calm down.

I did not come home and tear things out of the file cabinet and then proceed to drag the cabinet to the front porch at 11 PM at night, prompting my father to wake up and come upstairs to see what was going on/all the noise was.

I did not do all of the above out of spite because my husband and I had gotten into a big screaming fight.

I did not skip church to clean because I was still stewing from our Saturday night brawl.

I did not scare my children with my behavior causing them to cry and ask my husband if we were going to stay married. The fight wasn't that bad.

Thankfully, for me, my husband and children are really that forgiving and gracious and all is well and forgotten.

Check out MckMama's blog, too. If you participate in Not Me Monday, you may win something this week =)

Friday, August 07, 2009


Lately, we have been spending a lot of time with friends, going to free movies, having play dates and swimming. We even used some free bowling coupons today and went bowling.

In just a few weeks, school will begin again and things will be changing.

Josh got a job at Home Depot and will be taking his GED test this fall.

Devin is moving to Colorado at the end of August and will be taking classes in the fall at PPCC.

Cody starts football next week and will be a freshman in high school.

Kari is ready for 2nd grade and will be taking dance classes soon.

Noah is a bit anxious for kindergarten, but very excited that he has Mrs. R. We are hoping that he will be able to start gymnastics in a few weeks.

Rick is busy with work and helping out at the new church building. There is still much work to be done.

I am currently watching a little boy a few days a week, but may be getting back into the field of education. My Pampered Chef business is in a bit of transition, too.

Lately, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things that I am working through a bit each day. I recently read a quote on this gal's blog....."God will not place a dream in your heart with no plan to make it come true, no matter how improbable or complicated or even insane that dream may be."

I have an insane dream that I know God put in my heart. I know He will bring it to pass. I am just not sure how I am going to get there.

Lately, I am learning to trust God more...even if just a little bit at a time.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...