Sunday, September 26, 2010

10th Anniversary Trip July 2010

Rick and I were blessed to take a trip for our 10th anniversary. We were able to get away for three days and two nights at the StoneBow Inn in Grantsville, Maryland (20 minutes from Deep Creek Lake). We stayed there for our honeymoon, but it was under different ownership and a different name - The Elliot House.

Not a lot had changed in the past ten years, but under new ownership the inn had improved. One of the biggest improvements was the breakfast. Julyen made incredible food and even had a cookbook of some of his recipes.

We were able to go into the small town by Deep Creek Lake for the day, peruse an antique shop and sample some local BBQ which was phenomenal. Rick even got a hair cut.

We also traveled to another near by town for an anniversary dinner by the Youghiogheny River.

It was just so nice to be able to stroll through each day without rushing back to take care of the kiddos or worry about anything for a few days. Thanks to Janie and Steve, Kari and Noah were very well taken care of while we were on our trip.    

Our cottage

Cassellman Bridge

Cassellman River

Amish Village

Fresh raspberries on the way to breakfast

Freshly brewed coffee each morning

Homemade jams

Apple cinnamon streusel muffins 

Poaches eggs in black forest ham

Strawberries and cream cheese stuffed french toast


Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Last Moment

Today ends the 30 Day Challenge and I must say I enjoyed it. Time to get back to posting the rest of the summer photos and getting this house in order!

One last moment.....

I always knew when I found the right man to marry that I would not be nervous. In the past, I had trouble with my nerves and always found myself in the bathroom before ballet recitals and first days of school (even as the teacher!) getting sick from being so anxious.

Not on my wedding day.

When I walked down the aisle, I was not even the least bit nervous. I was giddy with excitement, but not nervous.

God is so good and has blessed me with an incredible husband, one who loves me unconditionally and takes care of me. Right now, as I have ventured back to work he has taken on taking care of the house and is doing an awesome job as Mr. Mom (and fulltime college student, dad, husband, football coach, among other things).

In that moment I knew I was going to marry my soulmate, best friend, love of my life.

Best moment ever!  

Just Breath

as·pi·ra·tion - [as-puh-rey-shuhn] –noun

1. strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition:
2. a goal or objective desired

3. act of aspirating; breath.
As a young girl, I remember having a strong desire to want to be a dancer. We had a jukebox in our bedroom growing up and I remember wearing my dance outfit and just wanting to dance, dance, dance. 
As I grew into a young woman, I remember longing to be a nurse, wanting to help people, see them healed. But, then I saw my grandfather suffer at the hands of nurses and others in the medical profession and decided I could never be a nurse. Plus, hospitals make me nervous.
In high school, my ambitions changed to wanting to be a teacher. I felt complete in the classroom helping the elementary teachers with their students, seeing them learn to read and write or complete a math equation. I longed to have my own classroom to decorate and lesson plans to write out and students to love on and inspire to learn and succeed.
As I began my college career I became pregnant with my firstborn and realized that I also wanted to be a mother. The desire to nurture another human being was overwhelming at times as the baby grew, as I gave birth and as I watched my son change into from a boy to a man.
I have been blessed to be able to teach and be a momma. The six years I taught second graders are some of the most fulfilling years of my life. And being a momma to five amazing children has been challenging, but so rewarding.
I now have a desire to see my children saved, living for the Lord, following and fulfilling their dreams and raising families to continue the legacy of dreaming big and accomplishing great things.
I just need to remember to pray and breath. God can handle the rest.  


This was suppose to be Thursday's post, but I got a few days behind in posting.

Something I miss.....

I miss having my own house. I still have a home because I believe those things are different, but I miss having my own house where we are not connected to living with another family. And on that note, I miss being able to visit my parents and enjoy their company and have them look forward to spending time with my kiddos.

It is hard living together.

I also miss my Mom-Mom. Every day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Fears

I am afraid of closed in spaces.

And spiders.

And crickets.

And fire.

And that my children will not be happy, responsible, God-fearing adults.

And that I will not lose all of the weight I need to lose.

And that I will never have a house of my own, although I know I will always have a home.

And that I am too afraid of doing what I know God has planned for me to do.

And of failing at life. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Noah's 6th Birthday - July 6, 2010

We celebrated Noah's birthday by having Swim Day at our house. Several of Noah's friends from church came over to swim and have cupcakes. He also got a sharpei Webkinz and a Wal-Mart gift card.

The Qualeys stayed for dinner and more swimming. The kiddos made mini personal pizzas and we had a "Tails" cake.

Nana and Papa and the Howells sent cards and some money to spend which Noah spent on a few DSi games including Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A First

I think it is a first that I do not have anything to say or blog about tonight. I am still dealing with a toothache that has now spread into a headache and earache.

Maybe I will be able to think of a legitimate "first" when my head is not pounding.   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'll Cry If I Want To.....

I used to be really emotional as a teen and a young mother. I would find myself crying at the sound of my son's cries, a commercial or movie, a song...just about anything. Then I went through a time after I got married and moved away from my family and the life I had known for 27 years and I cried myself to sleep for most of the first year of my marriage. Then I only cried when things got overwhelming.....which was a lot. LOL When I suffered with PPD and started taking ADs I stopped crying so much. Then when my grandma died in 2006 I found myself crying more often and more easily.

Now, I cry during praise and worship, while I am praying for my children, during Extreme Makeover Home Edition and when God moves in my heart and life and shows me something ordinary that He wants to make extraordinary.

I love the fact that crying for me releases stress and tension, especially paired with spending time with God. I also love seeing my husband cry because I love his sensitive heart and spirit.    

Friday, September 17, 2010

Upsetting and Feeling Better

I meant to post this yesterday, so now I am combining two entries.

Something that upsets me is not being able to fix or change certain things in my life. Some of the things I want to fix are directly related to me and some are related to my family, specifically my kiddos.

It is hard for a Momma's heart to have to deal with certain things or see my children dealing with certain things, especially things that can adversely affect their futures.

I am trying to let go and let God, but it is hard when I do not understand why God is allowing things to happen as they are. Sigh.

Something that makes me feel better is praying with Rick. I just love to snuggle up beside him, let him wrap his arms around me and listen to his voice lifting our prayers up to God.

Just love it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4th of July 2010

Our Fourth of July weekend ended up being pretty busy. We hosted some friends who were in the midst of moving to TX and needed a place to stay for a few days. We ended up sleeping in and missing church. We cooked out for lunch, went swimming and then went to watch fireworks.

Josh and Kaysen also came over on 4th of July. Jamie was in town from Michigan and brought them by along with his sister, Brandy and daughter Devan. We were able to get a 3 generations picture. 


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...