Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'll Cry If I Want To.....

I used to be really emotional as a teen and a young mother. I would find myself crying at the sound of my son's cries, a commercial or movie, a song...just about anything. Then I went through a time after I got married and moved away from my family and the life I had known for 27 years and I cried myself to sleep for most of the first year of my marriage. Then I only cried when things got overwhelming.....which was a lot. LOL When I suffered with PPD and started taking ADs I stopped crying so much. Then when my grandma died in 2006 I found myself crying more often and more easily.

Now, I cry during praise and worship, while I am praying for my children, during Extreme Makeover Home Edition and when God moves in my heart and life and shows me something ordinary that He wants to make extraordinary.

I love the fact that crying for me releases stress and tension, especially paired with spending time with God. I also love seeing my husband cry because I love his sensitive heart and spirit.    

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