Saturday, March 31, 2007

BumbleBees' Soccer

Kari is playing soccer this spring. Her team is the BumbleBees and their first game is April 1st. Here are a few pictures from practice.

Coach Walt gives the team some important instructions.

Cody and Noah are already worn out and they weren't
even practicing.

Kari's turn to shoot a goal! She made two that practice!

Practicing a drill.

Kari dribbling down the field.

William is ready to guard his goal!

Coach Walt is giving Kari some valuable advice as she runs
a drill.

Kari LOVES shooting goals!

BumbleBees on 3...1....2..3! BumbleBees!
Check out their website Rick created for the team.....!

The Circus 2007

Kari and I went to the circus with her preschool class on March 9. We rode the light rail downtown to the arena. Kari was very excited about the circus and I realized that I hadn't been to the circus since I was about her age (bad Momma never took Josh to the circus?!).

Kari is ready for the Circus of Dreams to get started!

Kari with her $10 cotton candy and floppy hat. I did not
get a picture of the $9 snow cone in a clown cup, though.

Kari enjoyed all of the animals and the different tricks
they could do. Tigers were pretty cool.

The elephants did a hip hop routine. We were pretty
amazed when this one stood on its head. That is a lot of
elephant to balance.

The cyclists in the sphere were pretty neat, too, but very
loud. I still can not believe there were 7 in there at the
same time.

The whole idea behind the theme of the circus was to dream
big and you can be whatever you want to be - they "picked"
a "family" from the audience and they each became a part of
the circus. Kari said she would want to dance or be a tightrope
walker in the circus. Her class performed a circus at the end of
the month (pics posted later) and she got to be a dancer.
Dreams do come true!

A Day in D.C.

On the first Saturday in March, Rick, Josh and Cody met Rob and David White in Washington, D.C. for the day. Rick will add comments and such later. For now, enjoy the pictures!

Cody's Birthday Weekend

On Cody's birthday weekend, Amy and Angie came for a visit. Rick, Cody, Amy and Angie went snowtubing on Friday in PA. Rick left his camera on the bus, so was unable to capture photos of Cody's mad snowtubing skillz.

Cody on the bus
up to the snow
tubing lodge.
Lovin' the goggles!*

On Saturday, Cody, Amy and Angie headed to Washington, D.C. to see the Capitol and some of the other historical sites.

Cody and Aunt Angie matched their clothes so they would
not get lost in D.C. Just kidding. They just happened to be
dressed alike.

Cody on the
tour bus in D.C.*

Cody and Amy.*

On Sunday, we had cake and icecream and opened presents after a lunch at Mikie's.

Cody and his

Ready to blow
out the candles.*

He's really not
"84", but we
didn't have a '1'
and '2' for "12", so
we used "8+4" instead!*

Cody's iSound.*
Over Super Bowl weekend, we celebrated the family birthdays at the Wyatt's house. Here are a few pictures.

*I have no idea why some of the pics are so small, but I didn't feel like resizing them, so, yeah.


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