Saturday, March 03, 2007

Let It Snow.....

The week of Valentine's Day we got some more snow.

We went outside after dark for awhile to sled
on the hill in the front yard. Rick bought a few
sleds on the way home.

Kari and Momma ride down the hill and into
the fence!

Poppy and Noah also take a trip down the hill.
Noah's hat is covered in snow and in this picture
he actually had his gloves on.

Cody barrels down the hill into the fence, too.

Kari liked spinning around on the saucer and
didn't want to go inside. We finally coaxed her
in with the promise of hot chocolate and
It snowed a little more and iced over night leaving
the branches of the trees outlined in ice. It was

Rick took Cody, Kari and Noah up to the high school to go sledding down a bigger hill without a fence at the bottom. They really enjoyed it. The layer of ice on the snow made it really slick.

Kari and Noah at the top of the hill.

Cody wanted to try out his snowboard, too.....

He started off better than he landed. But, had a blast anyway. The kiddos have really enjoyed the snow so far.

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