Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Rick's surgery went well and he is recovering nicely. I am so thankful that everything went well, because other things happened today that have broken my heart and made me shake my head.

Because I love my husband and my children I am not going to discuss what happened today. But, I am going to ask you to pray for wisdom, discernment and clarity for our family. We really need the hand of God to reach down and move in so many ways for our family.

Thank you for reading, following us, loving us and praying for us.

God is good.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day Break

I got the day off unexpectedly when J didn't show up for school. While on my way home, debating whether to go get my hair cut or go to the store, I noticed that Rick left his notebooks for work in the van. So, I headed to his school to drop them off for him. When I was walking across the parking lot he pulled up in his car. He was experiencing a lot of cramping and discomfort at school and was heading home to call the dentist. He has been dealing with a toothache that recently became infected. He was nervous that was going on had to do with the infection.

I followed him home and he called the dentist's office. They were able to change his appointment from next week to tomorrow. I am worried about him. He seems to be doing better.....I think having a day off helped, but I am still concerned. I know it is not easy having oral surgery. I am praying for a painless surgery and speedy recovery.

I forgot to take my medicine and vitamins last night, so having the day off ended up being a blessing for me, too. I always experience such a blah feeling when I forgot to take them and today was no exception. I am very thankful that Rick got the kiddos to bed. Now I can head to bed and get some much needed sleep before tomorrow. J is heading back to school after missing three days. It is always an adjustment for her after a weekend, so tomorrow should be interesting. I am going to need to be ready for her.         

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Day

Even after having off for Presidents' Day yesterday we ended up with an unexpected snow day today. It was especially unexpected due to the 70 degree weather we had at the end of last week. And before noon the sun and warm temps were melting the snow pretty fast making me wonder if a two hour delay would have been better. But, Rick, who was up earlier than me, said that the morning roads were a mess, so I guess it was in the best interest of safety that the school district closed today.

I just wish I felt better. Laundry needs to be done along with some other things and I am just not feeling very well.

But, I did find the paperwork I need and am having beef and broccoli for lunch. It is not all bad.   

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time Does Not Stop

I wish I had the gumption to write in this blog every day as I know there are things that happen on normal days that I should be recording, remembering, but it seems like I only take time to write when we do something out of the ordinary. But, shouldn't every day be extraordinary? I mean, if we have been given another day to live and breathe, shouldn't it be blog worthy? Maybe I am just thinking too much.

We took the kiddos to another museum a few weeks ago and it did not fare as well as the AVM. We went to the Walter's Art Gallery in Baltimore and even though we started the tour off with an art activity for the kiddos they weren't really impressed with the museum. Noah thought all of the self portraits were creepy and the longer we walked through the exhibits the faster Kari seemed to walk. Although, she did like the ancient jewelry. And both the kiddos enjoyed playing chess and checkers in the medieval knight's hall. Of course, both of them were sure the visit would improve greatly if we let them buy something from the snack or gift shop, but instead we headed to Costco and had lunch there for a fraction of the price.

This weekend we ventured into Baltimore to hang out at the Harbor. Our original plans were camping for a day or two, but it was so windy and cold on Saturday that we nixed those plans and decided on heading to DC to see some museums. But then Rick and I had trouble communicating (i.e had a fight), so we opted to stay close to home and head to the Harbor. We decided to take the lightrail, but ended up driving into the city instead because after already waiting for the lightrail for 30 minutes they announced over the loud speakers that they were experiencing a 30 minute delay. We were able to find cheap parking, so it ended up being okay, even though the kiddos were a bit bummed about not being able to ride the "train".

We spent some time in Barnes and Noble and then headed to Hooters for dinner. Kari was so excited when she thought the restaurant was for owl lovers. She was not impressed once we got into the restaurant and took our seats. Rick had been having some tooth pain all day and it intensified once we placed our order. So, we asked for to go boxes and stopped by Cheesecake Factory for dessert on the way to the car. 

It ended up being a pretty good day even though it started out a bit rough. Yesterday, we went to the park and then picked up Kaysen for the evening. It was neat to have him spend the night since we were off of school/work today.

And because we were off we headed to a matinee of Never Say Never (the Justin Beiber movie). I did not have any real expectations for the movie, but ended up enjoying it. Plus, I love seeing my kiddos enjoy something and Kari and Noah had a great time. Although, Noah did have to take three bathroom breaks. And we didn't even have any soda at the theater.

Now, there's a lasagna in the oven and I am hoping to get some laundry done before the school/work week starts. They are calling for snow tonight/tomorrow AM, so a two hour delay would be nice. If that happens, I might even get the vacuuming done this week.      


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...