Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day Break

I got the day off unexpectedly when J didn't show up for school. While on my way home, debating whether to go get my hair cut or go to the store, I noticed that Rick left his notebooks for work in the van. So, I headed to his school to drop them off for him. When I was walking across the parking lot he pulled up in his car. He was experiencing a lot of cramping and discomfort at school and was heading home to call the dentist. He has been dealing with a toothache that recently became infected. He was nervous that was going on had to do with the infection.

I followed him home and he called the dentist's office. They were able to change his appointment from next week to tomorrow. I am worried about him. He seems to be doing better.....I think having a day off helped, but I am still concerned. I know it is not easy having oral surgery. I am praying for a painless surgery and speedy recovery.

I forgot to take my medicine and vitamins last night, so having the day off ended up being a blessing for me, too. I always experience such a blah feeling when I forgot to take them and today was no exception. I am very thankful that Rick got the kiddos to bed. Now I can head to bed and get some much needed sleep before tomorrow. J is heading back to school after missing three days. It is always an adjustment for her after a weekend, so tomorrow should be interesting. I am going to need to be ready for her.         

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