Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baking with the Halls

Kari wanted to bake some cupcakes, but we didn't have any mixes so Grammie and Kari decided to make them from scratch. Grammie even found some chefs' hats for them to wear. They even made the icing from scratch.

Filing the cupcakes tins

What the boys were doing while Kari and Grammie baked

Making the icing

Stirring the batter (Noah decided baking was better than the Wii)

Icing the cupcakes

Grammie wants a bite

Budding chef

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday 30Something Edition

I did not chastise my son for not shelling his crabs properly. I did not then clean them myself even though I said I was done eating crabs.

I did not fall asleep on the couch last night and forget to call my best friend in TX.

I did not let the kiddos eat cereal for dinner last night.

I did not skip my meds for two days and get short or snappy with my family.

I was not a bit relieved when my 18 year old son's new love interest had to reschedule our lunch date. I am not a bit nervous to have lunch with a girl my son is interested in now.

I was not a bit jealous when my 18 year old told me he went to Atlantic City on Saturday.

I did not encourage my 4 year old son to pick up caterpillars and give them to me, only to toss them in the grass when he wasn't looking.

What didn't you do??

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*Many Small Children

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday 29th Edition

I did not go to bed at 9:30 PM on Friday night. That would mean that I do not have a life.

I did not sleep in on Saturday even though I went to bed early on Friday night.

I did not have Costco pizza for lunch three times last week.

I did not let the kiddos eat dinner at 9 Pm twice this weekend.

I did not convince my family to take me to CiCi's for Mother's Day lunch just so I could eat as many cinnamon rolls as I wanted.

I did not make muffins to give to a friend to take to a brunch she was hosting for pregnant homeless ladies and only give her half of them. I did not let my husband and kiddos eat the other half (nor did I eat two of them).

I did not dance the Snoopy dance twice last week when both N's soccer games were cancelled because of the rain.

What didn't you do??

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Not Me Monday Stellan's Home Edition

I did not break a part of my tooth off while eating Skittles.

I did not waste two hours the other night watching the movie Baby Mama with Rick.

I did not forget to change the sheets the other night after the 4 year old peed on them and let Rick sleep on that side.

I did not stay up until 2 AM last night, knowing I had to get up at 7 AM for early service this week.

I did not actually cut a title off of a piece of paper and actually tape it on to another piece of paper before I copied it because I could not figure out how to get a header on the newsletter I was creating in Word last night.

I did not laugh out loud when the four year old and his best friend were spinning each other in circles on the soccer field during a game Thursday. I was also not glad that his best friend's mom was videotaping it.

I did not feed the dog the bacon from my dad's plate after dinner on Friday because I thought he was finished when he really had just gone to answer the door.

I did not have a hard time dealing with Stellan being in the hospital even though he is not my child or even related to me. I did not check MckMama's blog or Twitter several times a day for updates.

I was not a little relieved when MckMama was not posting Not Me Monday's during Stellan's hospital stay. I had not been struggling with remembering to post on time or at all before that.

I did not tell my 4 year old son to "keep that thing in your pants" when he was starting to pull his pants down randomly. I was not aware that he was not wearing underwear for most of the afternoon.

What did you not do??

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Friday, May 01, 2009

A Visit with the Orioles' Bird April 2009

Wednesday is Family Night at the local CFA. This week along with buy a combo, get a kiddo's meal FREE, the Oriole Bird was there. We arrived 15 minutes early to make sure we got to see him before things got crowded and crazy and he was 15 minutes late! The kiddos were pretty good while having to wait for the Bird and then waiting for Daddy to arrive after work before ordering dinner. But, it was worth it!

Anxiously awaiting the Bird's arrival

Noah and Mike (whom he affectionately calls Matt)

Mike, Kari and Noah - getting a bit bored while waiting for the Oriole Bird

What better way is there to pass the time then by taking close-ups of each other....

The Cow made an entrance wearing his ref gear. Noah had to give him a high five!

Getting the Bird's autograph

Posing for a picture

Rick even got his picture taken with the Bird


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...