Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday 29th Edition

I did not go to bed at 9:30 PM on Friday night. That would mean that I do not have a life.

I did not sleep in on Saturday even though I went to bed early on Friday night.

I did not have Costco pizza for lunch three times last week.

I did not let the kiddos eat dinner at 9 Pm twice this weekend.

I did not convince my family to take me to CiCi's for Mother's Day lunch just so I could eat as many cinnamon rolls as I wanted.

I did not make muffins to give to a friend to take to a brunch she was hosting for pregnant homeless ladies and only give her half of them. I did not let my husband and kiddos eat the other half (nor did I eat two of them).

I did not dance the Snoopy dance twice last week when both N's soccer games were cancelled because of the rain.

What didn't you do??

Check out MckMama's blog where the original Not Me Monday began and then head over to my friend, Carlton's blog and check his out, too.


Dawn said...

Loved your Not Me's!

I wish I could have Costco pizza three times in a week! My husband would take away my debit card if I went there that often. I love that place!

Following Him said...

Great Not Me's! I did not eat dinner at 8pm last night...shhh, don't tell! I am always organized too! Have a great afternoon!

Blessedw5mom said...

Oh how I'd love to goto bed at 9:30 some night ;-) But it seems I too am feeding my brood around the 9pm hour these days ... maybe because it stays light so late.

Great post!
Happy Monday!

Blessings ~ Heather at


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