Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bagel Place Preschool Field Trip 2008

It was my turn to plan the preschool field trip, so I arranged for us to tour a local bagel place. I was excited that the kiddos would get to see how bagels are made. Except...that is not how this place does things.....frozen bagels are placed in a warmer to rise and then in a large oven to bake. We were a bit disappointed in the tour and the fact that we had to pay for our bagels afterward!? But, we enjoyed the company of our friends and the sea gulls in the parking lot.

Ready for the bagel place tour

Wow! A freezer full of bagels!

Here is a frozen bagel before it is popped in the super hot oven to rise and bake!

The freezer where the cream cheese is stored. Ooo Ahh!

The tray the bagels dip in to get covered with poppy seeds and such

After the tour and bagel eating we fed the sea gulls in the parking lot. It was a bit more exciting than anything else we'd done that day.

Easter 2008

During the Sunday morning worship, Cody and Kari performed with the flag guard and dance team at LHC. They did really well, even though they looked too serious. After church we had the Schindlers and Jones over for Easter dinner, which also included an Easter egg hunt.

Dressed in their Sunday best

You can dress them up, but....

Cody the bathroom?!?

Noah rockin' Guitar Hero

Nathan and his Easter bonnet

The Egg Hunt

Justin found an egg

Dying Easter Eggs 2008

Dying eggs starts out as serious business

Josh, Kari and Noah

Happy Daddy dyes eggs

Dying eggs is crazy business

Pretty eggs

Cody's mad egg dying skillz

Noah dyes his egg

Now it's Kari's turn

The Dancing Shepherd 2008

Noah wouldn't wear his shepherd costume at Christmas time, but on a different day he donned his blanket and one of Kari's headbands and started to dance.....



Kari @ January 2008

A Bowling Playdate 2008

We went bowling for playgroup and has so much fun! Some of the kiddos even scored higher than the mommas!

The boys are ready to bowl

Miki and Hannah

Riley, Dawn and baby Faith

Ryan and Mirelle


Noah and those baby blues

Barnabas and Riley

Mason does not want to be in the baby cage!

Sleeping baby Keizo

Nathan and his GQ pose

Jolene's mad bowling skillz

Cody's 13th Birthday 2008

To celebrate Cody's birthday he had some friends over for a sleepover. After pizza, cake and opening gifts, they went upstairs to play Wii and watch movies. Most of them slept for a good portion of the night, so they went to play with their air soft guns at the Agostinelli's house the next day. Turning 13 has never been better!

Pizza Time!


Jeffrey and Christian playing Wii

Chris finishes up his pizza

A Nerf gun from Justin

A gift card to Best Buy from Chris and Alex

Kari gives Cody the birthday cards she made him

Reading the card from the kiddos

No way!

Neat! Camo gloves!

Cool! An air soft rifle!

Singing Happy Birthday

Making a wish

Cody in his air soft gun gear


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...