Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Me Monday Again on Tuesday Edition

I did not laugh hysterically when my mom took a drink from the mug she had just poured grease from the browned ground beef into, thinking it was her cup of coffee.

I did not clean my house on Friday to only have my DH and kiddos undo all my hard work in less than 7 hours on Saturday. I am not a little bit bitter about this.

I did not find a travel coffee mug in husband's multi-media space at church that had been there for several weeks with coffee in it and proceed to wash it. I did not have to dump the contents into the toilet and let it sit with hot water in it for several days before I could completely wash it out. I did not gag the whole time.

I did not forget about NMMonday yesterday even though I read several blogs that had NMMonday posts.

I did not want to punch several people this week because of their incompetency and lack of ability to accept responsibility.

I did not want to drop kick a little old lady in our church when she looked at my wedding pictures and then at me and "Well, you have really let yourself go, huh?".

So, if you forgot like me and didn't write your post or forgot to check others' posts, go read MckMama's NMMonday post and then head over to Carlton's and Jen's blogs, too. I'd tell you to read Deidre's, too, but she is not to keen on a lot of people reading her blog =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday Exhausted Edition

I did not take the 5 year old boy to the ER with vomit on his shirt. I did not let the nurse stick a sticker over the vomit spot.

I did not get two blisters on Saturday after the Walk/Run for Life because I wore the wrong socks. I am a mom, for goodness' sake! I know what socks to wear!

I did not get giddy when I realized I had texting again and text the 18 year old girl as soon as we got our cell phones turned back on.

I did not leave a piece of cake in the cake keeper for a week that should have been refrigerated. I did not almost vomit when I lifted the lid and smelled the curdled whipped topping and cream cheese layer that had become rancid.

I did not not put sheets back on my bed after I washed them from the 5 year old boy getting sick on them. I did not not put them on because I am lazy, I did not not put them on in case he got sick again. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

I did not roll my eyes when my pastor's daughter was praying with a lady from the church over the raffle baskets, to ensure that she won one. I did not then, silently pray that we would win one, too.

I did not say, "Well, I want you to be quiet" when my son was crying and saying he had a headache and wanted to go home. I did not feel absolutely horrible when as he was getting out of the car when we finally went home he vomited on the curb.

I did not have to hold on to furniture as I got out of bed yesterday because my feet and legs were so sore from the Walk/Run for Life and Community Fair Day on Saturday.

I did not tell my daughter that she needed to stop doing pelvic thrusts while practicing her dance for church by telling her that that is how Daddies and Mommies dance together, not how we dance at church.

What didn't you do??

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday I Lost Count How Many I Have Posted Edition

I did not have a conversation with my 5 year old son about menstruation.

I did not let that same 5 year old eat at a restaurant without shoes on.

I did not drop pieces of bacon into my camisole while eating a BLT, causing a grease stain to show through it at church to then go to the bathroom and have more bacon fall out of my capris as I pulled them down to go to the bathroom.

I did not need my husband to hook the straps on my sandals for me.

I did not (again) use the promise of sexual favors to get my husband to help me with my domestic duties. It did not (again) work like a charm ;)

I did not contemplate using hot dog rolls as a substitute for bread today, thinking about toasting them, smearing them with butter and dusting them with garlic salt to have with spaghetti.

I did not drink a Starbuck*s Double Shot when I am not supposed to have any caffeine.

I did not skip a mandatory meeting just because I did not feel like going.

I did not wait until Sunday night to ask my husband to go to the store to get things for the kiddos' lunches.

I did not mistake my father-in-law for my pastor when he called for Rick.

I did not get all excited when I saw a commercial for the new season of Heroes.

I did not take a cup of coffee and a container of yogurt into the sanctuary at church when there is a clear sign that states "Bottled Water ONLY!" on the door.

And finally I did not get all puffed up and proud when I remembered to set the coffee maker to brew at 8 AM only to wake and find that I set it to brew at 8 PM, not AM.

Check out MckMama's Not Me Monday post and Carlton's. Apparently, he even posted before me ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day 2009

So, we decided at 7 PM on Sunday evening to start calling through the church directory and inviting everyone over for some swimming and grilling on Monday for Labor Day. Even with the late notice, we had 44 confirmed yeses! We ended up having a little less than that (missed you, Matthews family!!), but had a full pool and tons of food. God even allowed the rain to hold off until after the festivities. We had a great time and here are some pictures that the unofficial church photographer, Vicki took.....

This is how the teens put the ice in the coolers.....

Playing by the pool

Grilling Tools

Stephanie, Jen Grimelli and baby Selah, Heather and Z-Rod

This is how the men roll

I love the looks on the kiddos' faces......(BTW - Mike Martelli is the fabulous flipper in the picture)

The Grill master and his sidekick

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Not Me Monday Labor Day Edition

I did not reach into my underwear and scoop out ice that my husband dropped in there and toss it over the privacy fence.

I did not forget what it is like to have an 18 month old at the house and place Z's lunch in front of him to have him dump it onto the table and into his lap.

I did not let my kiddos climb in the TV section of the entertainment center and close the doors just so I could hear their uproarious laughter.

I did not watch the rest of the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie after the kiddos went to bed.

I did not put food in the fridge after it had been left out all night in hopes of saving it and not making my mom mad because I left it out and it was dinner she made.

I did not call my son an @ss in front of Kari's friend while she was staying at our house this weekend.

I did not lay on the floor of the bowling alley in the attempt to get a better photo.

Not sure if MckMama did a post this week, but check out her blog. And you can check out my friend, Carlton's, too although he hasn't done a NMM post in a llllooonnnggg time. Too long, my friend. You know you want to do a NMM, Houston Edition post!!


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