Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday Christmas Edition

I did not get a Zhu Zhu pet stuck in my hair on Christmas day. My 5 year old son did not place it on top of my head and turn the play mode on, causing me to squeal and beg my husband to come rescue me. He did not have to cut a few strands of my hair to get it loose.

I did not tell my son and his girlfriend on Christmas Eve that I was going to spank their baby when he or she is born because we couldn't find out what the baby is at the sonogram because the baby was crossing it's legs. I am not at all bitter that we will have to wait until the end of January to find out the gender.

I did not have to sit the 7 and 5 year olds in time out on Christmas Eve and Christmas day...twice. I did not threaten to give all of the 5 year old's presents away if he did not "Settle down already"!!

I did not give one of my nieces something to eat without checking with her parents first.

I did not let the 5 year old eat bread, Fritos and carrots sticks for dinner. I did not let him have dessert.

I did not envy the husband when he went back to sleep on Christmas after breakfast and in turn I did not take a nap when he woke up, not feeling at all guilty when he was left to make dinner.

I was not shocked when the 14 year old bought gifts for his siblings and his father and me.

I did not think to myself how good Jesus' birthday cake always turns out to end up overcooking it.

I did not have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

What didn't you do? Although, she did not post this week, McLinky is up on her blog and you can check out hundreds of others' NMM posts!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas this year was different in many ways. First, we weren't sure what we would be doing for Christmas with Rick being out of work since September. Mom and Dad hall and the Howells really helped to make sure the kiddos had gifts under the tree to open on Christmas morning. We were also able to get TCA from DSS and were able to get the kiddos the gifts they wanted from Santa.

Secondly, Grammie and Poppy were in VA for Christmas with the Lamarres, so we had lasagna for dinner instead of ham.

Thirdly, it was just four of the five kiddos on Christmas morning since Josh and Ashley were with us on Christmas Eve.

Kari and Noah did not wake up until 7:45 AM! We actually slept in a bit this year. The kiddos were very eager to see what Santa left them.....

Finding their gifts from Santa - a new DSi

Opening their stockings

Devin opening her gift - a batman kite - from Q and Alan

Cody opening presents

This Zhu Zhu pet got caught in my hair when Noah put him on my head and turned on play mode! Thanks for sending those, Q and Alan!!

After opening gifts and breakfast, Devin headed to a friend's house and Cody holed himself up in his bedroom playing with his new iPod Touch and XBox game. Kari and Noah went from playing their DSis to watching G-Force a time or two or three. Rick napped while I made some more Santa Whiskers cookies and cleaned up a bit.

Reading Amelia Bedelia

Playing with Noah's gift from Secret Santa - a tractor trailer truck filled with and to hold Matchbox cars

Once Rick was up, I laid down for a bit and Noah joined me. We took a nice long nap and got up just before dinner was ready. Rick baked a lasagna and sliced some Hawaiian sweet rolls.

After dinner, we read Luke 2 and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. The kiddos love doing this every year!

Jesus' birthday cake - vanilla cake with holiday funfetti sprinkles and green buttercream icing with green, red, white and silver sprinkles on top

Blowing out the candles on Jesus' birthday cake

I am so thankful for everyone who had a part in making this Christmas possible for the kiddos. We are earnestly praying that God supplies the right job for me and Rick in the New Year and that we are able to bless a family next year like we were blessed this Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2009

On Christmas Eve this year, Tara and Co. hosted the annual Christmas Eve Open House since Mom and Dad Parker were heading to VA to spend Christmas morning with Nicole and her family. The kiddos and I did some baking and fixed the BBQ* and trifle, while Rick and Devin finished up the shopping.

We headed over to the Wyatts' house around 2 PM. There was a lot of great food and even better company. We got to see Janie and her crew and my Uncle Butch and Aunt Pat. Josh and Ashley even come to hang out with us.

Before the Christmas Eve service at LHC we headed back to the house for Josh and Ashley to open their gifts. We even got a book and some socks for the baby even though they were not able to find out if it is an Audriana or a Jayden yet. I think I will spank him/her when she comes out for being so stubborn =)

The service at church was very nice and we got to see the Siars who moved a few months ago.

We took Josh and Ashley home and then headed home ourselves to open the traditional one gift on Christmas Eve. The PJs were a hit! Rick read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and then we set out some milk and a plate for Santa with some cookies and a pickle** for the reindeer.

The kiddos headed to bed (even Devin and Cody) without too much trouble. Kari came out a few times to go to the bathroom, saying her stomach was excited, but she did not get sick this year!

I had a few things to wrap and Rick headed to Walgreen's for something last minute.

Around 11 PM, there was a knock at the door. When we answered it, "Secret Santa" had left some presents on the steps for the kiddos. We put those under the tree and were in bed by 1 AM. I think that is a record for us!

Here are some pictures from the day***.....

Some of the cookies we made

Josh and Ashley opening their stockings

Josh and Ashley opening gifts

Noah makes a cute present!

Opening the traditional PJs

Rick reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to Kari and Noah

*Sloppy Joe for all you Southern folks
**Why can't I ever remember to have carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve??
***Of course the pictures are of bad quality. Santa didn't bring a camera and my cell phone camera stinks!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Football is in his Blood

Cody started training for the JV football team in August. His first practice lasted for 9 hours. He was at every practice and even went for some extra conditioning. He made the first cut and was able to play in the first scrimmage and had a really good game. But, after the second cut, he did not make the team for NCHS.

So, he decided to play community ball* for the Andover Apaches. He played on the Fresh/Soph team and was the starting quarterback for the first few games. He moved around to several other positions playing on both defense, offense and special teams. I think one of the only positions he didn't play was kicker!

He played his best at linebacker and had incredible tackles, sacks and other defensive plays (I probably should have let Rick write this post so it would be technically correct).

Cody is not born a natural athletic, but has the desire to be an excellent athletic. He practices hard and plays even harder. It is neat to see him out on the field in his element doing his thing.

Rick was able to coach him this year and loved it. He was able to spend quality time with Cody and meet his friends and their parents, building a foundation for the future and strengthening a bond with his son.

The Fresh/Soph team made it into the play-offs and were only knocked out due to unsportsmanlike conduct by an out-of-county team. Had that team not taken a few of our players out of that game (they literally left the field, two by ambulance and one by his father taking him to the hospital), I believe they would have made it to the final game and swept the championship.

I know this was a learning experience for Cody in many ways and for Rick, too. It was a good season and I can't wait to see Cody play for JV next year.

Here are some pictures** from the season (Cody is #10).....

*Thanks Papa and Nana for making it possible for Cody to play this year.
**All of the pictures, but the first one were taken by Amy Feather during the game she attended the weekend of 10/16/09.

Catching Up

I still have not developed the pictures from the kiddos' field trips, but I do have a few of Kari's field trip to the Aquarium from Rick's cell phone. He was able to go on the trip with her which she was very happy about again this year. He went with her when she was in K-5, too.

They loved the dolphin show and enjoyed the new jellyfish exhibit. They did not, however, like having to wait to eat lunch until they got back to the school. Rick was very jealous of the mom with the backpack full of snacks. Next time, he will be prepared!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Numbers of the Blizzard of '09

55 - the number of minutes it took the banana bread to bake

24 - The number of inches of snow that fell in our yard

12 - the number of sugar cookies consumed

10 - the number of grilled cheese sandwiches I made

8+ - the number of times I dressed, undressed and redressed the children in their snow clothes and the cups of hot chocolate consumed by the children

4 - the number of times I washed and dried the children's snow clothes

2 - the number of naps I tried to take over the last two days

1 - the number of days off of school the children have so far

0 - the number of snow plows that have come down our street

Here are some pictures* for your viewing pleasure.....

*I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures since they were taken with my cell phone. Maybe Santa will bring me a camera for Christmas!


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...