Thursday, December 03, 2009

Missing Entries

Last night I was looking at some of the photos on Rick's phone that we have taken over the last few days (remember the lost camera after the circus incident? Never recovered it) and I found some pictures from Kari's aquarium trip in October.

That totally reminded me that we used disposable cameras for Noah and Kari's field trips in October and never got them developed. Which means I never blogged about them. When we pick up our photo cards I am going to drop off the disposable cameras and try to get CDs for them so I can post them here and blog about their trips. Because as wonderful as my NMM posts are, I know not all of you come to read those. Some of you actually come to read about the kiddos =)

Rick and I have been sick this week, so I am glad that we got the Christmas tree and other decorations up last weekend. It was neat to see the kiddos looking at the different ornaments and commenting about them. Especially the family ones we try to get every year. It is always fun to watch them take their personal ornament boxes and trim the tree with them first. It was a bit bittersweet to have Devin here decorating this year, but not have her put her ornaments on the tree. She tucked them away for next year when she will use them to decorate her own tree, probably in her dorm room or an apartment she shares with a roommate.

Someone said they are calling for some snow this weekend, (a 30% chance, I think) which would be nice since TX got their first snowfall before us again this year. I hope if we get some it stays around a bit longer than theirs did. I do not enjoy going out in it as much as Rick and the kiddos, but I am all about the hot chocolate and mac 'n cheese afterward.

I can definitely use the snow as an excuse for hot chocolate and mac 'n cheese.

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