Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday Christmas Edition

I did not get a Zhu Zhu pet stuck in my hair on Christmas day. My 5 year old son did not place it on top of my head and turn the play mode on, causing me to squeal and beg my husband to come rescue me. He did not have to cut a few strands of my hair to get it loose.

I did not tell my son and his girlfriend on Christmas Eve that I was going to spank their baby when he or she is born because we couldn't find out what the baby is at the sonogram because the baby was crossing it's legs. I am not at all bitter that we will have to wait until the end of January to find out the gender.

I did not have to sit the 7 and 5 year olds in time out on Christmas Eve and Christmas day...twice. I did not threaten to give all of the 5 year old's presents away if he did not "Settle down already"!!

I did not give one of my nieces something to eat without checking with her parents first.

I did not let the 5 year old eat bread, Fritos and carrots sticks for dinner. I did not let him have dessert.

I did not envy the husband when he went back to sleep on Christmas after breakfast and in turn I did not take a nap when he woke up, not feeling at all guilty when he was left to make dinner.

I was not shocked when the 14 year old bought gifts for his siblings and his father and me.

I did not think to myself how good Jesus' birthday cake always turns out to end up overcooking it.

I did not have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

What didn't you do? Although, she did not post this week, McLinky is up on her blog and you can check out hundreds of others' NMM posts!

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