Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday Cookie Edition

I did not make sugar cookie dough the other day just so I could get some of it raw. I have not still not made any cookies with it yet.

I did not add powdered sugar to a recipe that only called for the cookies to be dusted with it when done baking. It did not ruin the look of the cookies, which I did not try to fix by squishing them into ball while they were still hot. This did not result in them looking like won tons instead of snowballs. I did not still take them to the cookies exchange at church.

I did not take two of the cookies from the exchange that I thought were the same kind as the cookies I ruined to only find out that they were not the cookies I ruined.

I have not made any other Christmas cookies yet this year.

Join in the NMM fun at the end of her post today!

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