Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Football is in his Blood

Cody started training for the JV football team in August. His first practice lasted for 9 hours. He was at every practice and even went for some extra conditioning. He made the first cut and was able to play in the first scrimmage and had a really good game. But, after the second cut, he did not make the team for NCHS.

So, he decided to play community ball* for the Andover Apaches. He played on the Fresh/Soph team and was the starting quarterback for the first few games. He moved around to several other positions playing on both defense, offense and special teams. I think one of the only positions he didn't play was kicker!

He played his best at linebacker and had incredible tackles, sacks and other defensive plays (I probably should have let Rick write this post so it would be technically correct).

Cody is not born a natural athletic, but has the desire to be an excellent athletic. He practices hard and plays even harder. It is neat to see him out on the field in his element doing his thing.

Rick was able to coach him this year and loved it. He was able to spend quality time with Cody and meet his friends and their parents, building a foundation for the future and strengthening a bond with his son.

The Fresh/Soph team made it into the play-offs and were only knocked out due to unsportsmanlike conduct by an out-of-county team. Had that team not taken a few of our players out of that game (they literally left the field, two by ambulance and one by his father taking him to the hospital), I believe they would have made it to the final game and swept the championship.

I know this was a learning experience for Cody in many ways and for Rick, too. It was a good season and I can't wait to see Cody play for JV next year.

Here are some pictures** from the season (Cody is #10).....

*Thanks Papa and Nana for making it possible for Cody to play this year.
**All of the pictures, but the first one were taken by Amy Feather during the game she attended the weekend of 10/16/09.

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