Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday Blizzard Edition

I did not dress, undress and redress my children 8+ times over the last two days in snow clothes.

I did not let my husband make the hot chocolate when the kiddos came in from being out in the snow. This was not the trade off since I had to peel the wet layers of clothes off of them.

I did not feel bad that I had not baked anything until I read FB and all of the posts about being snowed in and baking cookies etc. I did not then fall to the peer pressure and bake sugar cookies with the kiddos that turned out blah and bake a banana bread that burned on the bottom.

I did not tell my 7 year old to see if she could just hold it when she came to the back door after being in the snow for 5 minutes saying she had to pee. I had not forgotten to ask her and her 5 year old brother before I dressed them in their snow clothes if they had to go to the bathroom.

I did not take a chunk of ice off K's jeans and put it down the back of Rick's pants. He did not squeal like a little girl.

I did not let the kiddos have queso and chips for lunch for two days in a row.

I did not wish a dozen times over the last few days that I actually liked the snow so I could go out in it with my kiddos. I did not also wish that my husband was not sick so he could go out in it with them since he actually likes the snow.

I did not thank God a million times that we have a warm house to be in during the blizzard even though I was stuck inside of it with my husband, three kiddos and my parents =)

What didn't you do??

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Don't you hate when you spend all that time baking and them it doesn't turn out good! I made some coconut cookies this week that ended up horribly and i was so mad!

MomOf3InVA said...

Wow, 8 times! Have tons of snow here in VA, but we only had enough energy to go out three times...I will let the girls go sledding here in a bit! Enjoy your snow!

Jenilee said...

oh I hate when I forget to make the girls go potty before they get all dressed in snow clothes!! the fun of winter time!


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