Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day at the Park September 2010

We took the kiddos to the park one afternoon while they were off of school. They dressed themselves and did a few vogue poses.....

Clearly Kari gets her sense of style from her momma and Noah from his daddy. LOL 

Angelina Balleria September 2010

Kari started taking ballet and tap lessons this year. She is in a beginners' class and enjoys it, but can not wait to be in a class with girls her age. She is learning a lot and is excited that we will get to see her do a special dance for Christmas. Rick may talk to her teacher and see if she can move up to the other class soon.

Spaghetti Tacos

I am going to admit something shocking....me and the kiddos watch iCarly. Okay, okay. Rick also watches it with us. If you watch it, you know that Spencer, Carly's brother makes spaghetti tacos a lot. So, one evening while I was out with the LHC ladies Rick decided to try it. The kiddos loved them! I even tried them the next day and was pretty impressed.


First Day of School! First Day of School! 2010

Kari and Cody started school on August 24. Of course, even though I was up with Cody when he headed off to school I did not get any pictures of him. But, I got a few of Kari. Noah did not start until a few days later because he had a mystery fever that ended up being due to strep throat! Here are some pictures.....

My Anniversary/Birthday Present

Ever since we moved here and realized we'd be staying for more than a year, I have wanted to redo the bathroom. I actually would redo a lot of things if I was given permission and some money, but I definitely wanted to redo the bathroom and am hoping to paint the livingroom and diningroom very soon.

So, for my anniversary/birthday present Rick indulged me in a DIY project. I love the results!

These pictures are from our anniversary trip. Rick had them printed in black and white and then he put them in frames from Wal-Mart. Very inexpensive, but so meaningful and they look awesome in the space! 

We would still like to replace the lighting fixture as it is a bit out dated, but it will have to work for now.

I do not have any 'before' pictures, but just imagine country cabinets with maroon accents (complete with ruffles). It was definitely my mother's bathroom.

This one is all mine!    

And this was my birthday breakfast: green pepper and cheese omelet with strawberries on the side! Delicious and only 4 WW points!   

Summertime Treats

A few of our summertime treats this year were getting icecream at ColdStone Creamery and using our free bowling coupons. Here are some pictures.....

Kari has a new love for hats

Just realized that the only "bowling" shot I have is of Rick bowling. But, I promise, Kari and Noah bowled, too. Kari even beat her Daddy in the last game =P

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pizzeria Uno - July 2010

Kayti came to visit us after the 4th of July. We went into DC to pick her up and walked around Union Station and then decided to have lunch. The kiddos made their own pizzas at Pizzeria Uno.

New Haircuts June 2010

After our VA trip we realized how much in need of some haircuts the kiddos were. Here are some pics.....

The Charger

Cody has a new car. Now all he needs is a license and some money to fix up the body. He is taking a auto body and collison repair class this year at CAT-North, so he should be all ready to start doing some work this coming summer......

Devin's Birthday May 2010

We celebrated Devin's birthday on May 28. She and Brandon came over for her favorite dinner....chicken enchilada casserole. We also had cinnamon cake. Since the cake comes right out of the oven and is served warm we put her candles in and while singing Happy Birthday they started to melt......

Devin said being an adult kind of stinks since for birthdays now you get mostly money. She said next year she wouldn't mind getting some cool socks =)


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...