Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long Time No Post

It has been forever since I have posted anything. I regularly click on my blogroll on the side of the blog, but just haven't felt like posting anything. No real reason, except for maybe not feeling like I have anything important or interesting to write. Life just moves along one day at a time. And I don't write.

The kiddos are off for the summer, but Rick is working at a two day/one night STEM summer camp this week (and he worked it last week as well) and I am getting ready to work summer school again this year. I do not mind working (much), but am looking forward to the day when I don't have to work and can choose to work if I want to for extra $$. I really like my director and the other TA I will be working with, so that helps. Won't make the 7:30 AM arrival time any easier, though =)  Kari has bridge camp next week and Noah has been taking tennis lessons on Saturdays. He loves it and Kari is looking forward to hanging out with her PVA friends. Rick is hoping to get the kiddos into a routine of library time, swimming, cooking and such during the summer while I work. We'll see. Hopefully, the pool will be ready to swim in in a few weeks.

Rick is in his last semester of classes and will be student teaching in January. If all goes as planned, he will graduate in the spring of 2105. He will long term subbing when school starts again in August at LMS and hopes to be employed as a full time teacher there at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. I am slowly starting to make strides toward obtaining my master's degree. I am not sure when I will start, but know I want to start soon. Even if I do not get back into the classroom as a full time teacher, being able to continue to be a TA with the option of extra $ would be nice. Although, sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something else, like finishing and publishing my book and touring the country as a public speaker. Or maybe just staying home, watching my grandkiddos. BTW, we have another one on the way.

Cody and his gf, Brianne are due to have a baby in January 2015. We still have a while before we find out the gender, but I am hoping for a little girl. They are moving back to MD in a few weeks, so it will be nice to have all of my grandkiddos close. Although, I am sad that Cody is getting out of the Marines.

We went to a friend's daughter's 8th grade promotion party today and I couldn't help and think about Kari being in HS in just a few years. Noah will be 10 next Saturday and I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I feel like I am letting so much of our lives just pass me by while I work and try to decompress on the weekends. I don't want to just be a bystander.

I had coffee with a dear friend from college on Friday and I enjoyed getting to catch up on the last 20 years and talk about weight loss and healthier living. I am starting on a new journey, but am afraid it is not going to work, so I am hesitant in even sharing what I am doing. Maybe after I lose a pound or twenty, I'll let people know what is going on with me.    

But, now it is time for me to head to bed, since I have to be up and out of the house by 7:30 AM tomorrow. Maybe I'll put writing in my blog on my summer schedule.


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