Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Snowy Days

The snow started on Sunday afternoon right before Kari's nap (Noah was already napping). She went outside for just a bit. She had been waiting for snow since we moved here in August.

Kari loved catching snowflakes on her tongue.
You could really see it laying on Grammie's car.

The next day, Rick took some pictures before he left for work. We got about 2 inches. It was great packing snow and the boys were upset that they had to go to school. Most of the snow was melted by time they got home.

Rick's car was pretty covered the next day.
The car getting cleared off before Rick heads
to work.

The snow covered house and yard. Not too
much of the snow covered the street. The boys
had a 2 hour delay from school.

Kari all bundled up ready to play.

Noah bundled up like a snowbunny.

Kari and Noah built a snowman.

Looks can be deceiving, huh? He was very cute
though and they were very proud that they
built him themselves.

Kari throws a snowball at Noah, as he makes

Noah gets her back and she turns around just
in time!

Noah loved making snow angels. Although,
the snow wasn't really deep enough to make
an imprint.

And he enjoyed rolling down the hill. This was
definitely a change from last year when we got
him ready to go out in the snow and he cried.

I hope there is more snow this winter, because I really enjoyed seeing the kiddos play in it.

New Year's Eve/Rachelle's Visit

Rachelle came to visit at the end of December. She got to spend New Year's Eve with us. We went to the Wyatt's and indulged in lots of snacks and adult beverages.

Rachelle and Rick take a little drink. Kari wants
to be in the"shot".

Rick and Steve check out some non New Year's
Eve TV on the back porch.

Tara's normally very clean and organized playroom
suffered at the hands of some snack stuffed, over-
active kiddos.

I am not sure if Dylan was exercising or trying
to get off the giant ball.

Yeah, the playroom needed an overhaul!

Taylor was happy to ring in the New Year!

While Aidan preferred kickin' back while the
New Year arrived.

Destroying the playroom really wore Kari and
Noah out.

We tried to take a picture of the neighbor's
Christmas frog at nighttime, but it didn't turn
out well. So, we got a picture the next day. We
are definitely getting one for Rachelle to put in
her yard next year.
We went to Baltimore on Tuesday to find a place called "Charm City Cakes". It is the famous bakery on a show on the Food Network called Ace of Cakes. After several drive arounds and a chat with some local officers we found it. But the windows were all blackened and we couldn't see a thing. Rachelle was pretty happy to have a picture of the outside, but Rick stuck the camera in the mail slot to try and capture an inside shot. And then Steve knocked on the door. He was hoping to be able to get a picture of the inside. But, he did one better, although he didn't know it. A guy came to the door and Steve was asking him if we could sneak a peak inside, when Rachelle told him he was Duff, the head chef of the show and the bakery. He was very nice and posed for a picture with Shelley Bob.

It was really cool to be able to get a picture.

Then we had lunch at ESPN Zone. They should
stick to broadcasting sports news.
It was great to see Rachelle although the visit was too short. And we missed seeing Brad and Ryan. But, we are really glad she came to visit.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Poetry Reading

On the day before Christmas break, Cody's language arts class had a poetry reading. The students were given the assignment to write a poem about their 'getaway place'. Rick went to the reading while I was at Kari's preschool Christmas party. Here is a copy of the poem:

My Bathroom
By Cody Hall

There is a small room in my room
It is my bathroom

It's quiet and small
It has a thick wall
That is not tall

I walk around
To calm down
It'll turn my frown upside down

My bathroom

Watch out Robert Frost.

A Christmas Flight

Cody left Christmas afternoon to celebrate Christmas with Devin, his mom and other Texas family members. He was so excited that they had ceramic tiled floors at the airport - it was a great surface to practice his new Heeleys on for Cody.

Here he is in motion, hence the blurry picture.

The line for security was extra long and Rick
was afraid Cody would miss his flight.

But, he didn't. He boarded just fine and had a
safe flight making it in time to spend Christmas
night with family.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas Day 2006

Christmas started a bit late since Kari and Noah were awake several times in the middle of the night. Rick woke us up at 8 AM and the kiddos wanted to stay asleep until he told them Santa had left them some things in the livingroom.

Kari and Noah slowly stepped out of their room....

Noah loved his Lightening McQueen car.

While Kari enjoyed her Airel chair and couldn't
wait to open it up into a sleeping bag later.

Noah liked driving his chair, too.

Josh opening up his gifts.

Cody opening his Titans blanket. Now he doesn't
steal the one from the couch.

Kari opening up her Airel Polly Pocket set.

Noah loved his cars and trucks set.

Cody loved his Vince Young jersey.

Kari checking out her Airel doll from Papa and

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Kari was
covering Noah's mouth so he didn't blow out
the candles too early.

But he didn't and everyone got to blow out the
candles together (the pics are a bit out of order -
Cody was already in TX went we did Jesus' cake)

Kari and her Dora doll from Poppy and Grammie

Josh opening some clothes from Poppy and

Noah and his Diego tricycle from Poppy and

Grammie opening a new set of knives from

And when she looked inside there was.....

.....a ruby ring!

We had a really nice day. Janie and Company visited in the morning, even though they were still feeling a bit under the weather. The weather was rather rainy making us wonder if Cody's flight would be delayed. But it wasn't. I'll post pictures from the airport next. But, now it's time for bed. We got some snow today and I can not wait to get all warm and cozy. I'll be sure to take pictures to post later this week.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...