Monday, January 15, 2007

A Preschool Christmas

Kari's class celebrated Christmas on December 20th. The day started by going outside to wait for Santa to arrive. It was a pretty cool morning and we had to stand in the shade. But, everyone waited patiently for the man in the red suit to make his big entrance.

There was a sign in case he forgot
where he was suppose to stop.

Everyone was smiles as we waited for Santa.

Kari and Bryleigh pose for a picture.

I love this picture of Kari. It would make a
great Christmas photo.

Ms. Kathie and Kari eagerly await
Santa's arrival.

Everyone is looking for Santa to come around
the parking lot.

Kari looked in the window to see if Santa went
into the school without them noticing.

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived in a white, stretch

They greeted all the children.

Santa looks a bit put out that he had to pose
for yet another photo.

While waiting for Santa to visit the classroom,
the students worked on a craft - a curly beard

They also listened to music and danced to some
of their favorite songs.

Then they enjoyed a snack of chocolate milk
and cookies. Kari liked the M&M's cookies the

Ms. Kathie also read a story.

Santa and Mrs. Claus finally arrived with gifts
for the children.

Kari liked talking to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

She told Santa exactly what she wanted, too.

The students also made the parents
a special gift using handprints and
It was a very nice party for the kiddos. Along with the special book from the Clauses, Kari received a gift bag and a Clifford puzzle from Collin and a stocking with a lollipop from Jacob.

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