Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas Eve 2006

On Christmas Eve, we had an open house. Janie and her kiddos came (Steve was home sick), Tara and her crew stopped by as well as Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom. We expected a few more visitors, but the Lamarres were in sunny CA and Jen and Beth were AWOL. Josh's Dad and family were in town, though, so they stopped by for a while. Here are a few pictures. I totally forgot to get any pictures during the open house though.

Harrison was definitely dressed for the holiday

Josh, Cayden and the twins, Michael and Matthew
opening gifts.

Josh, holding Cayden who was more interested
in what Cody was doing outside than in posing
for the picture, Jamie holding Matthew and
Shannon, holding Michael.

Rick reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
to Kari and Noah. Cody and Josh were in the
room, but did not want to be in the picture.

Josh opening the traditional Christmas Eve

And Cody.....

.....and Noah. Who knows why I didn't get
a picture of Kari. She was the most excited with
her pink camo "Princess In Training" PJs.

Actually, Noah was very happy with his snowmen
footy PJs. He likes to wear them often. I make sure
I wash them several times a week, as I remember
how stinky Josh's toddler piggies would get wearing
And believe it or not we did not need to wrap any of the kiddos' gifts. Although, we did forgot to have the kiddos leave cookies and milk for Santa and put the food out for the reindeer. Luckily, Kari has her father's genes and got so excited that she got sick in bed. So after we cleaned her up we let her put out the cookies and milk.

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