Friday, January 26, 2007

New Year's Eve/Rachelle's Visit

Rachelle came to visit at the end of December. She got to spend New Year's Eve with us. We went to the Wyatt's and indulged in lots of snacks and adult beverages.

Rachelle and Rick take a little drink. Kari wants
to be in the"shot".

Rick and Steve check out some non New Year's
Eve TV on the back porch.

Tara's normally very clean and organized playroom
suffered at the hands of some snack stuffed, over-
active kiddos.

I am not sure if Dylan was exercising or trying
to get off the giant ball.

Yeah, the playroom needed an overhaul!

Taylor was happy to ring in the New Year!

While Aidan preferred kickin' back while the
New Year arrived.

Destroying the playroom really wore Kari and
Noah out.

We tried to take a picture of the neighbor's
Christmas frog at nighttime, but it didn't turn
out well. So, we got a picture the next day. We
are definitely getting one for Rachelle to put in
her yard next year.
We went to Baltimore on Tuesday to find a place called "Charm City Cakes". It is the famous bakery on a show on the Food Network called Ace of Cakes. After several drive arounds and a chat with some local officers we found it. But the windows were all blackened and we couldn't see a thing. Rachelle was pretty happy to have a picture of the outside, but Rick stuck the camera in the mail slot to try and capture an inside shot. And then Steve knocked on the door. He was hoping to be able to get a picture of the inside. But, he did one better, although he didn't know it. A guy came to the door and Steve was asking him if we could sneak a peak inside, when Rachelle told him he was Duff, the head chef of the show and the bakery. He was very nice and posed for a picture with Shelley Bob.

It was really cool to be able to get a picture.

Then we had lunch at ESPN Zone. They should
stick to broadcasting sports news.
It was great to see Rachelle although the visit was too short. And we missed seeing Brad and Ryan. But, we are really glad she came to visit.

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