Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas Day 2006

Christmas started a bit late since Kari and Noah were awake several times in the middle of the night. Rick woke us up at 8 AM and the kiddos wanted to stay asleep until he told them Santa had left them some things in the livingroom.

Kari and Noah slowly stepped out of their room....

Noah loved his Lightening McQueen car.

While Kari enjoyed her Airel chair and couldn't
wait to open it up into a sleeping bag later.

Noah liked driving his chair, too.

Josh opening up his gifts.

Cody opening his Titans blanket. Now he doesn't
steal the one from the couch.

Kari opening up her Airel Polly Pocket set.

Noah loved his cars and trucks set.

Cody loved his Vince Young jersey.

Kari checking out her Airel doll from Papa and

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Kari was
covering Noah's mouth so he didn't blow out
the candles too early.

But he didn't and everyone got to blow out the
candles together (the pics are a bit out of order -
Cody was already in TX went we did Jesus' cake)

Kari and her Dora doll from Poppy and Grammie

Josh opening some clothes from Poppy and

Noah and his Diego tricycle from Poppy and

Grammie opening a new set of knives from

And when she looked inside there was.....

.....a ruby ring!

We had a really nice day. Janie and Company visited in the morning, even though they were still feeling a bit under the weather. The weather was rather rainy making us wonder if Cody's flight would be delayed. But it wasn't. I'll post pictures from the airport next. But, now it's time for bed. We got some snow today and I can not wait to get all warm and cozy. I'll be sure to take pictures to post later this week.

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