Friday, January 26, 2007

Snowy Days

The snow started on Sunday afternoon right before Kari's nap (Noah was already napping). She went outside for just a bit. She had been waiting for snow since we moved here in August.

Kari loved catching snowflakes on her tongue.
You could really see it laying on Grammie's car.

The next day, Rick took some pictures before he left for work. We got about 2 inches. It was great packing snow and the boys were upset that they had to go to school. Most of the snow was melted by time they got home.

Rick's car was pretty covered the next day.
The car getting cleared off before Rick heads
to work.

The snow covered house and yard. Not too
much of the snow covered the street. The boys
had a 2 hour delay from school.

Kari all bundled up ready to play.

Noah bundled up like a snowbunny.

Kari and Noah built a snowman.

Looks can be deceiving, huh? He was very cute
though and they were very proud that they
built him themselves.

Kari throws a snowball at Noah, as he makes

Noah gets her back and she turns around just
in time!

Noah loved making snow angels. Although,
the snow wasn't really deep enough to make
an imprint.

And he enjoyed rolling down the hill. This was
definitely a change from last year when we got
him ready to go out in the snow and he cried.

I hope there is more snow this winter, because I really enjoyed seeing the kiddos play in it.

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