Friday, January 08, 2010


Both Kari and Noah know and use the proper names for their male and female body parts. Well, actually, Noah normally remembers his.....

The other night he was out in the living room getting dried off after his bath because I had to put some lotion on him. He was still undressed because he has really dry skin on his upper thighs, inside his legs on his upper thighs and below his butt. As I was rubbing the lotion on, I turn him so I could get his backside. I told him to cover himself up since he was facing Cody.

"Yeah, I do not want him to see know."

Your what, Noah?

"My...what is it called? Zhu Zhu pet? (laughing) No, pee pee!"

Your what?

"No, wait. Mine is called a penis. Kari's is a China!"


Then he was getting dressed for school the other day and started dancing around in just his underwear.

"Look! I have on my bathing suit! It is what you wear, Momma! I am wearing a zuchinni!"

Gotta love that boy!

*Plus, he is just like his Daddy who loves to dance around in just his underwear!

**Now, don't get your underwear in a bunch! I am just kidding! He takes after me =)

***Also, just for the record I have never worn a bikini!

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