Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Me Monday Again on Tuesday Edition

I did not laugh hysterically when my mom took a drink from the mug she had just poured grease from the browned ground beef into, thinking it was her cup of coffee.

I did not clean my house on Friday to only have my DH and kiddos undo all my hard work in less than 7 hours on Saturday. I am not a little bit bitter about this.

I did not find a travel coffee mug in husband's multi-media space at church that had been there for several weeks with coffee in it and proceed to wash it. I did not have to dump the contents into the toilet and let it sit with hot water in it for several days before I could completely wash it out. I did not gag the whole time.

I did not forget about NMMonday yesterday even though I read several blogs that had NMMonday posts.

I did not want to punch several people this week because of their incompetency and lack of ability to accept responsibility.

I did not want to drop kick a little old lady in our church when she looked at my wedding pictures and then at me and "Well, you have really let yourself go, huh?".

So, if you forgot like me and didn't write your post or forgot to check others' posts, go read MckMama's NMMonday post and then head over to Carlton's and Jen's blogs, too. I'd tell you to read Deidre's, too, but she is not to keen on a lot of people reading her blog =)

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