Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cody's Birthday Weekend

On Cody's birthday weekend, Amy and Angie came for a visit. Rick, Cody, Amy and Angie went snowtubing on Friday in PA. Rick left his camera on the bus, so was unable to capture photos of Cody's mad snowtubing skillz.

Cody on the bus
up to the snow
tubing lodge.
Lovin' the goggles!*

On Saturday, Cody, Amy and Angie headed to Washington, D.C. to see the Capitol and some of the other historical sites.

Cody and Aunt Angie matched their clothes so they would
not get lost in D.C. Just kidding. They just happened to be
dressed alike.

Cody on the
tour bus in D.C.*

Cody and Amy.*

On Sunday, we had cake and icecream and opened presents after a lunch at Mikie's.

Cody and his

Ready to blow
out the candles.*

He's really not
"84", but we
didn't have a '1'
and '2' for "12", so
we used "8+4" instead!*

Cody's iSound.*
Over Super Bowl weekend, we celebrated the family birthdays at the Wyatt's house. Here are a few pictures.

*I have no idea why some of the pics are so small, but I didn't feel like resizing them, so, yeah.

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