Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Circus 2007

Kari and I went to the circus with her preschool class on March 9. We rode the light rail downtown to the arena. Kari was very excited about the circus and I realized that I hadn't been to the circus since I was about her age (bad Momma never took Josh to the circus?!).

Kari is ready for the Circus of Dreams to get started!

Kari with her $10 cotton candy and floppy hat. I did not
get a picture of the $9 snow cone in a clown cup, though.

Kari enjoyed all of the animals and the different tricks
they could do. Tigers were pretty cool.

The elephants did a hip hop routine. We were pretty
amazed when this one stood on its head. That is a lot of
elephant to balance.

The cyclists in the sphere were pretty neat, too, but very
loud. I still can not believe there were 7 in there at the
same time.

The whole idea behind the theme of the circus was to dream
big and you can be whatever you want to be - they "picked"
a "family" from the audience and they each became a part of
the circus. Kari said she would want to dance or be a tightrope
walker in the circus. Her class performed a circus at the end of
the month (pics posted later) and she got to be a dancer.
Dreams do come true!

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