Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Dreams

I am pretty sure this entry is suppose to be about the dreams and aspirations for my life, my family and my future, but I was tempted to write about some of the crazy and creepy dreams I have had while sleeping. Including the one of last night. I woke up this morning thinking, "What was that?". But, I won't. I will stick to the subject at hand.

My dreams.....

I have a dream for myself and Rick for us to be at our healthy weight and enjoying life at its fullest.

I have a dream for Rick to get his degree and secure a teaching position.

I have a dream for each of my children to have a deep, personal relationship with Jesus and their spouse, to have a job that enriches their talents and the world and to content.

I have a dream to write a book (or two) and speak to thousands of single mothers and young teens, hoping to turn them to Jesus and His plan and purpose for their lives.

I have a dream to have a home where my children return for holidays and just whenever they need to feel safe and loved.

Yeah...I have some dreams.  

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