Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Father's Day Weekend in VA 2010

We went to VA for Father's Day weekend and to celebrate Kayti's high school graduation. Holly was gracious enough to let us stay with her during our trip. We got to go to VA Beach twice while we were there. We had a blast!

Handsome driver

Snacks for the trip


The sun must've been in his eyes

Bathing beauty

Noah and his new friend

The sandcastle the people next to us built

Ashley surfin' the 'net at the Graduation Open House

Where the boys could be found...playing video games

Parties wear Harrison out as much as chasing the cats does

Janie and Tori - Momma and daughter twinkies

Can't enough of the water

Kayti and some of her friends

One of our favorite things about VA is that there are Sonics everywhere! Oh, how we miss Sonic!


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