Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lately You*.....

.....are very passionate about everything. Whether you are voicing your opinion about dinner or telling us how much you love something, you do it passionately - your voice and body language are all part of the story. to draw. Markers are your choice of medium right now and you try to limit your creations to paper, but sometimes we find them on the trashcan, wall or an important piece of mail.

.....are very territorial about your space and your things. You keep your favorite stuffed animals, pictures and other treasures high on the top bunk. You only let your special friends on your bed and only let certain people play with your things. You are becoming more aware of the value of things and value your prized possessions

.....are anxious about starting school. You spent 20 minutes the other night sobbing about school starting in a few weeks. I hope this does not continue once school starts because I know you are going to love it once you get there. You are very happy you got Mrs. R, but wish she could teach you at home.

.....have begun to read some words and are noticing that letters have a purpose together. You constantly ask how to spell things and then "read" them back to us, so happy that you read it yourself. When you recognize a word on your own you are so proud of yourself. I am proud of you, too.

.....are leaving blankie behind more and more these days. While we were sure you would take him to college with you one day, you are now only wanting him at bedtimes and in the car when we are going somewhere. You took him into the movies the other day, but said it was only because it was going to be cold. You use him more as a cape and weapon now - you love to snap people with him - and less of a security blanket. I am glad you are needing him less, but sad that you are growing up so much. your sister very much. You enjoy playing with her and just spending time with her. You still have your squabbles, but you are quick to make up so you can play again.

.....are realizing when things are scary or not appropriate for you to watch or be exposed to something. You are not afraid to tell someone to stop a movie or book
if it is scaring you. You are sometimes afraid at night until we pray with you and remind you that those things aren't real.

.....anxious about trying new things. You will hesitate until someone assures you that something is safe or fun. You are a bit nervous about starting gymnastics, but I know you will love it once you start your lessons.

.....make me raise my voice more than your sister ever did at this age. You are stubborn and like to do things your way even if you can't or shouldn't be doing it on your own. You will spill an entire container of juice before you will ask for help. You will get stuck somewhere before you will ask for assistance. It's almost like you'd rather get a spanking than have someone help you. You are certainly feeling your independence.

.....are Momma's boy. Even though, you do not take naps anymore you will ask to cuddle with me during quiet time and will sometimes drift off to sleep. You do not mind holding my hand as we cross the parking lot or street. You regularly climb in my lap just to sit or watch TV. You still give the best hugs and kisses.

*My friend, Jenn did posts like this about her kiddos and I thought it was a great idea.

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