Saturday, September 08, 2007

Opening Day Soccer 2007

Opening Day was August 25. It was one of the hottest days in August with an afternoon high of 103! Kari and Noah both had pictures and Kari had a game. They won their first game 3-0!

We were all soaked after being at the field for 3 1/2 hours!! Rick took the kiddos swimming afterwards and I headed to a Pampered Chef party.

Soccer is better with a friend

Kari, posing pretty in her soccer uniform

Courtney, Kari and Chloe

Noah's team waiting to be announced (Uncle Steve is Noah's coach!)

Introducing the LITTLEST COMETS!!!!

Silly Boy!

Noah was really sweating, but still smiling

Noah - Lucky Number 7

Waiting for the team to be announced

Introducing the BLUE ANGELS!!!

Waiting for the game to start

Kari getting in the game

Kari patiently playing goalie

Kari running down the field

Go...Blue Angels!

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