Sunday, December 05, 2010

November and Such

Well, I feel bad that I have not updated in awhile, but realized that if I had updated I would not have any pictures to add. Mom and Dad Hall visited in the beginning of November and I did not take one picture while they were here. I know Mom Hall took some, but I haven't gotten them from her yet.

The weeks following their visit were kind of quiet. Not really much going on around here. Cody's football team finished undefeated for the season. Kari kept plugging along with her dance and violin lessons. Noah continued to plunk away on the computer.

Having off for the week of Thanksgiving was nice. Rick went on an interview and landed a TSA position at a local middle school. He is an advocate for an 8th grader. We spent Thanksgiving Day at the church for a bit for the outreach dinner and then at the Pilkertons with family. We even spent the night at a local inn and were able to hang out the day after Thanksgiving. Janie and Sophie took some awesome pictures of us for our Christmas card. I am also planning on printing some of them out to make collages for the livingroom wall. I can not wait to paint after the holidays and change some of the decor in the main living areas of the house. I'd also like to get some new countertops for the kitchen. I guess we'll have to see.

It has been interesting with Rick and I both working outside the home right now. I was sick the first two days after the break with bronchitis so I missed work and was able to make sure the house was cleaned and laundry caught up before heading back to work. I haven't done much this weekend with our annual ornament excursion on Friday night (followed up by a little bit of Christmas shopping) and the LHC Leadership Banquet last night. I also watched Kaysen for a bit yesterday.

But, the tree is up, mantle is decorated and Santa Countdown is under way. We have Breakfast with Santa this coming weekend and I am having a Pampered Chef show. I would love to bake some cookies with some of the kiddos' friends and find somewhere to go caroling. And a cookie exchange would be fun. I am sure I could fit that into our schedule.          

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