Monday, January 17, 2011

American Visionary Museum - January 17, 2011

We have wanted to take the kiddos to an art museum ever since they spent the afternoon creating Picasso inspired pictures and Kari and Noah originals of The Scream and the Mona Lisa. So we took advantage of the day off and free admission at AVM in honor of MLK, Jr's birthday.

It is a neat museum full of eclectic pieces using a variety of mediums. There were exhibits made from wood, electronic scraps, broken glass and paints and pizza boxes. The kiddos really enjoyed it and Rick and I loved being able to open up a whole new creative avenue for them.

Fortune Teller made completely of wood

Noah sitting on the Whoopie Cushion bench

Honest Abe

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein exhibit Out of the World 

Broken glass mural as viewed from the top of the marble staircase 

The angel's wings are also made of broken glass

Kari and Noah by the bus at the entrance covered completely by broken glass and mirrors

Tree outside the museum made of broken glass and mirrors

A few interesting items in the SideShow gift shop - Bacon soap and gum

Noah really liked the wooden sculptures and Kari enjoyed the giant gingerbread house. I was intrigued by a young girl's artwork on a paper plate. She was a patient at an insane asylum who pulled out all but three of the bristles of a paint brush and dotted an entire portrait on a paper plate which she got from the trash since no one would give her paint supplies. Rick really enjoyed Eugene Von Bruenchenhein's exhibit.

It was definitely a great day. We cannot to go to the Smithsonian Institute museums in the next few weeks. Natural History Museum, here we come!

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