Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Keep Swimming.....

Life doesn't stop for anything. Not new birth, not death, not heartache. Nothing. It just keeps going and sometimes it is hard to keep up with and sometimes it is hard to keep going. But, even in the times when everything else is loudly spiraling out of control, God is not silent as it may seem He is. He is in the whisper and if we quiet down enough our own hearts and minds we can hear Him.

I am definitely trying to listen, but it is hard. I enjoy talking and find it hard to quiet my heart and mind in the midst of life and its constant motion. Especially when I think I know what God needs to hear about a certain situation or my solution to the problems in our family. But, I am trying. I really am trying.

And even in the midst of uncertainty, God is still blessing us every day. We are all healthy, the children are doing well in school, we have food and a home, hot water and air conditioning, cars that run and people that love and care for us. And most importantly a Savior that gave so sacrificially of Himself that He died for us, when we didn't deserve it. And there are so many days that I still don't deserve it, but I have His love, mercy and grace.

So, I keep swimming. Knowing that I need to for myself, my family and my God. 


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