Thursday, November 03, 2011

Didn't Realize, I Was So......

....far behind!

I should not have opened that file! Found more pictures I never posted or blogged about on here! Ugh!

We spent Labor Day at the Pilkerton's abode (their house is the official party house! Ha!). we had a great time even though the grill died and we waited several hours for Steve and Rob to bring back a new one.

Love that Alex's eyes are red while he is pretending to consume raw meat. LOL

We started eating the sides while waiting for the grill to arrive. Yum!

Tower 'O Raw Meat

Sophie and Kari

Josiah doing a cool jump that I totally missed, but got this shot. LOL

Another shot of someone jumping in that I totally missed. Awesomesauce. 


Just hanging out on the deck

So close to falling out

The Grill Masters

Karis, cheesing for the camera

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