Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hope Begins Here

A few months ago someone on Twitter posted that they has just entered DaySpring's contest to receive a Christmas item and review it on their blog  along with their Redeeming Love Tabletop Devotional. So, I entered as well. I totally forgot about it until the wreath arrived last week.

I must tell you that this wreath is just darling! It is handcrafted and so homey! I love the added Christmas touch it brings to my decor. It is just the right mix of homemade and festive! Everyone that passes by it hanging on my door comments about how cute and decorative it is.

I am so blessed to have been picked to receive it and review it for DaySpring and if you are looking to add to your holiday decorations you should definitely check it out! (It is now on sale as well!)

I especially love the button and bow at the top of the wreath that says, "Hope Begins Here" with a small decal of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. It is the perfect reminder that when Jesus was born in a manger on that first Christmas night, Hope was brought to a hopeless world. And especially in light of recent tragedies, it is a great reminder that He is still our source of Hope!

I am hoping that you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and remember that Jesus is our constant and daily Hope!

Also, the tabletop devotional is a wonderful daily reminder of Advent and Jesus' coming birth. It is not dated so can be used year after year. The kiddos have loved flipping to the new date each day and reading the new scripture and questions to ponder at the bottom.    

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