Monday, July 08, 2013


No matter what I am wearing, what my hair looks like, how much I weigh, he always says I am beautiful. I used to believe him, but not so much anymore.

As I grow older and continue to struggle with my weight, among other things, I am not so sure how he could ever see me as beautiful.  I try to look in the mirror and see what he sees, but I can't. I even try to see what God sees as the perfect Creator, knowing He makes all things beautiful.

So, when he says, "Hey, Beautiful!" or tells me I am beautiful, I just smile and say, "Thank you."

Maybe one day I will see what he sees.

Join me and others as we take 5 minutes to write, to just write......


Denise said...

Beauty is so much more than numbers on a scale. Your heart is what truly matters. God loves you, you are His beautiful creation.

Hall Family in MD said...

Thanks, Denise for the reminder =) i will be praying for your August 5 appointment.


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