Wednesday, November 20, 2013

La, La, La Life Goes On!

I was really doing well for a while there. Updating and even getting some pictures up on the blog. And I was participating in Five Minute Fridays and it felt good to write again. But, knowing that you do not really have an audience, no one checking back in daily to see if you have written, can crimp your style as a writer/blogger. I have had to ask myself why I write here and if the answer is for others, then there is really no reason to write anymore. But, if I am writing for me, I need to be writing every day, if not at least every week. I need to participate in blogging parties and writing prompts and remember why I love to write and why I started to blog in the first place. Because everyone has a story and I want to share mine.

And sharing mine here, even if no one is reading it or checking to see if I have written, is important to me.

Because even when I am not writing life is still moving at a faster pace than I would like it to move and there are parts of my story that need to be told. The beautiful parts and the not so beautiful parts. All of those parts are being woven together to create a greater masterpiece, that may look twisted and tattered now, but is shaping up into a glorious pattern of love, grace and mercy.

Life definitely goes on and I am ready to start writing about it again.



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BARBIE said...

Hang in there. Building blog community takes a lot of time and effort. I invite you to link up with me for The Weekend Brew each week. Link up opens late on Friday night. Blessings!


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