Saturday, January 10, 2015

FMF - Welcome

I love being able to walk into someone's home and feel comfortable, at ease, welcome.

And that is what I want my home to be. A welcoming place for everyone, anyone.

I don't want it to matter if I vacuumed or wiped down the toilet. Or mopped the kitchen floor. OI want you to feel like my future daughter-in-law does and take your shoes off and put your feet up on the couch when you come into my home. I want you to be able to snuggle up in a blanket on my love seat and sip a cup of coffee.

You are welcome in my home.

And I want to be so close to the Lord that I always feel welcome in His presence. Because truth be told, sometimes I feel like I am just starting out on my journey of relationship with my Savior instead of 28 years into it.

I want to be able to not care that I messed up during the day or said a harsh word or forgot to pray before my meal. I want to be able to embrace everything about Abba Father and feel at home in His presence.

Because sometimes we believe the lie that our house is not Pinterest-worthy enough to have company.

And sometimes we believe the lie that we are not good enough to be in the presence of our Savior.

But, we are. We are welcome and so very wanted.

Welcome (to my) home.  

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Richelle Wright said...

beautiful words.

i've often thought about hospitality and working to make our homes hospitable for others helps prepare us as we make our hearts and lives hospitable for the Lord! :-)

your 5mf neighbor.

annette @ a net in time said...

oh, i want that too! :)

Anonymous said...

So true - such a good reminder.
I'm visiting from FMF.


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