Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FMF - Break

Today started spring break for me and my family. It was cut a day short by an extra snow day our county had to take in the beginning of March. I enjoyed the snow day then, but wished we didn't have to lose a day of spring break yesterday, especially when I had to sub for one of the more rambunctious classes in the school I work for as a teachers' assistant.

I enjoy listening to our local Christian radio station on my way to and from work. Sometimes I can keep it on when the whole family is in the car - normally just on the way to Church on Sundays - but, since they prefer mainstream music to all Christian music all the time, the channel normally gets changed.

One song* that comes on regularly has a line in it that reads...... "I won't give you more, more than you can take. And I might let you bend, but I won't let you break."

Every time I sing those lyrics, I think, that is so untrue. So many times in this journey of relationship with Jesus, I have been broken, figuratively and literally. My heart as been broken, my faith has been broken, my dreams have been broken, my will has been broken, my body has been broken. Everything has been so broken.  

But, in that brokenness, every time, without fail God has been there. Sometimes I have had to search extra hard for Him, not because He is not there, but because I have hidden myself away from Him. I have had to sweep past the broken pieces, push away the pride and sin and look beyond my own hurt to find Him, but He is always there.

So, now more than I did before I welcome the broken pieces. They still hurt and are confusing and frustrating and I still, more times that I would like to admit, find myself far away from the One who wants to take those shattered moments and make them beautiful, but when I am broken, there is comfort, peace and freedom.

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Shala-HomeSweetGrown said...

I hope that you are enjoying your spring break. God is so good to take that which is broken to restore it for His glory and good work. I'm always sad to hear when people are going through places of brokenness. However, it is a beautiful sight to see those that cling to Jesus with all they have, until they are emptied of themselves, and then watch as He carries them through and restores them.

Thanks for sharing. I've joined you from over at FMF.


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