Monday, May 09, 2016

FMF - Miss

So many times while my kiddos were young, I heard someone say the phrase, "You're going to miss this!". I wasn't always sure they were right. Would I really miss sleepless nights? Diaper changes? Nursing? Trying solid food for the first time? Learning to crawl, walk and talk? Potty training? Starting school? Loose teeth? All of it seemed so daunting then. But, now.....

I do miss some of those days. Buckling them into their car seats for play dates. Hearing real belly laughs for the first time. When they discovered their hands and feet. Snuggling in bed together watching PBS Kids and Disney Jr. in the early mornings. Singing them to sleep. I really do miss it.

But, I do not want to dwell on what I miss from when they were young and miss what is happening now. Now, I have a tween and a teenager and I am enjoying these days.....

Dropping her off to babysit, seeing how proud of herself she is that she is making her own money.  

Watching him get on the bus and head to middle school.

Helping her pick out make up and watching her accent her natural beauty.

Listening to him practice for the talent show at school.

Seeing the two of them work on a science fair project together.

Giving them more chores to do to alleviate some of the pressure of housework from two working parents.

Not having to get a babysitter for date nights.

Even though, I miss them being younger, I love seeing them change and mature into wonderful young people.

I miss those days, but I am doing everything I can not to miss the here and now.

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