Sunday, August 28, 2016

Simple Pleasures

I have to remember that it is the little things in life that are actually the big things. I have to keep my focus on the fact that doing homework with the kiddos, folding laundry, cooking dinner and making pancakes on Saturday for breakfast, even though they seem mundane, are the sacred things.

We weren't able to take a trip to TX this summer like we intended, but we spent a few days away in Williamsburg, VA and it ended up being a great trip. We ate a lot of delicious food, shopped for souvenirs, went to the beach and laughed a lot while just relaxing in the hotel. It was a much needed time away before school started.

We found out the day they left that Cody, Brianne and Hayden were moving to TX. It was a shock, but after not seeing them for 6 months, it wasn't as hard as it might have been. We miss Hayden and have no idea when we will get to see her again or when we will ever meet Dakota (due in December), but we just have to believe that God is still moving in this situation. It is comforting to know that they are surrounded by family in TX, but hard to be away for them. It would be easier for us to reconcile with them here in MD, or so it seems, but we know that God is not slack in His promises and that He still redeems. Waiting is the hard part.

Josh has, what I hope is, his final court date on September 2. It is for a probation violation from December 2015. His probation ended a week ago, so I am praying that the judge allows him to be done with everything, without back up time. Does he deserve the back up time? Yes, but he also deserves to be done with probation, to be able to get a job and see his children. Praying for discernment, wisdom and mercy. Another situation that I just have to wait and trust God with....what an exercise of faith. And I would love to see my grandkiddos, too. Ashley will not let them come to the house until Josh is all done with court. That is my biggest reason for praying for this all to just be done. I am not sure I can handle another Christmas with them without Josh being able to be here.

School started last week. Kari rocked her first week of high school and Noah seems to be fitting right back into the middle school flow. Rick is teaching computer science and Boxscore for the STEM department again and we are praying that by January he will have his provisional or conditional teaching certificate and be able to graduate for WGU. It would be such a blessing for him to be finished with his degree and teaching full time. The pay would be nice, too =)  

I am finally at peace with not being in school right now or being part of the cohort. I am enjoying not having the stress of classes or being a brand new special educator. I really do like my job as a teacher's assistant and like the familiarity of my job.

And even though, we are embarking on only the second week of school, I am looking forward to the three day weekend.  

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