Friday, October 13, 2006

Nursery Rhyme Day

Kari had "Nursery Rhyme Day" at school today. She was very excited! Ever since Miss Kathie mentioned it she knew exactly who she wanted to be....

One of the kittens that lost their mittens

Gotta love the tail! She said the kittens
wore pink dresses.

Kari and Logan (the boy. She has a little girl
named Logan in her class, too) A kitten and
Humpty Dumpty.

Kari sitting next to Humpty and Mother Goose.

The Cow that Jumped over the Moon aka Collin

Apparently, Kari inherited Rick's trait of being excited = throwing up and promptly threw up her snack....on the boy next to her, Rossi. Actually, Noah was sick on Sunday and I think Kari caught it. Either way, she got sick at school and still managed to feed the turtles. This time the menu was hotdogs and bananas.

We go to the pumpkin patch on Monday. I don't think I will tell her. I'll let her figure it out once we get there.

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