Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Love a Parade!

Kari's school participated in the community parade yesterday. It was really a neat parade and community fair. The day started off as a cool, overcast day and it was raining by 11 AM, so we didn't stay at the fair long. Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

In the van and ready to go!

The theme was "The Farm". Kari is dressed
and ready!

Noah waits on the side of the road for the
parade to start.

Aidan thought it was a bit early for a parade.

Noah really liked the fire truck.

The local high school band.

Steve, Courtney, Dylan and Taylor walked with
one of their favorite local politicians.

Kari's school did a really good job and looked
cute, too!

Kari was an "e-i-e-i-o" girl.

The school's float, complete with animals.

Bryleigh - one of Kari's friend from school.

Kari is already practicing her Miss America wave.

Noah and Kayla (Josh's girlfriend). She is a
cheerleader and walked in the parade.

Kari and Logan are so glad the parade is over!

Dylan was excited to be riding in a Marine jeep.

Kari, Courtney and Noah thought it was pretty
cool, too.

Courtney scales the rock climbing wall.

Kari loved the bounce house even though it was

We left the fair early and had lunch at McDonald's. The rain stopped a few hours later and Cody was able to have his game for the week. They lost 8-6.

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