Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So Big!

Noah is officially a big boy now! He has been
sleeping in his bed for the last two nights and
has even taken his naps in his 'Cars' bed.

He loves his new sheets and did not want Rick
or me to climb in his bed today!

See how happy he is!

But, when we first put the beds together he wanted to
sleep in Kari's 'Rella-Rella' bed.

Of course, she has Princess sheets and such.

And she loves it! She has been doing really well
sleeping in her bed.

I just love this face! And this girl!

Of course, as you can see we still have some
unpacking to do. Not sure what the kiddos will
sit on when we have all the boxes emptied.

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DisneyDina said...

How cool! Congrats for getting him into a bed already. Noah is the first child I haven't had to rush into a bed before the age of two, and I'm planning on keeping him in that crib until he can jump out on his own, which may be very soon!


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