Saturday, September 23, 2006


We were outside watering the mums we just planted and we found what we thought was a lady bug. Since I am not afraid of lady bugs like I am spiders, I let it crawl on me. Noah thought it was really cool, but Kari would not even touch it.

He loved having it on his finger!

He let it crawl all over him and it did - from hand to hand. He kept trying to touch it, too.

It even crawled up his arm and onto his shirt. He was very interested in watching it crawl.

He thought it was cool on the tip of his thumb.

He also enjoyed chasing Kari with it! It stayed
on the whole time he chased her all around the

And she wanted nothing to do with it.

When it was naptime, Grammie found a
plastic container to put him in with a top with holes
for him to breath. Noah wasn't too happy that he
couldn't sleep with him. He named him "Buggie".

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