Wednesday, September 13, 2006

House Calls

Well, Mom-Mom has come to stay with my parents in the apartment for an indefinite amount of time.

She is getting stronger every day.

Kari, Noah and I get to make sure she eats and takes her medicine. Kari likes talking to her about her day and sharing snacktime with her. Noah likes bringing her his Cars book to read and dancing in front of the TV for her. I am concerned about them growing too attached to her, but they seem to need each other right now.

Tara and Aidan came by today and spent some time with her, making sure she had lunch and giving her a sponge bath. Mom-Mom gets many check up calls during the day and my Uncle Butch stops by after work. I know Mom wants to be home with her, but she can't.

It all seems a bit overwhelming right now - I do not feel like I can leave her alone for very long during the day and do not feel like I am getting much accomplished, but I know this time I am spending with her with be even more valuable when she is gone.

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DisneyDina said...

I know it's hard but it's great that you get to spend so much more time with her now. Sorry your mom can't be around more, but glad that she has you guys around.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...